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Healthy Coping Strategies

Content by NAMI Chicago (Recommended for 3rd - 12th Grade)

The ways that we respond to our emotions can be more or less healthy for us. Healthy copings strategies are they ways we respond to our feelings that make us feel good in the long term, even if they do not always feel good in the moment.

For example, when I feel sadness I might want to stay inside and by myself - this might make me feel better in the moment, but in the long term it keeps me from getting the support that I need. When I am feeling sadness, I can also try healthy coping strategies like calling a friend or listening to music.

Use this workbook page to think about the things that make you feel better when you are feeling worried, sad, anxious, scared, angry, or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

A PDF download of this page can be found below.

Healthy Coping
Download PDF • 39KB

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